Tuesday, 6th November 
To start the second day in Pico, we followed our hosts to their first class of the day. Tessa attended History class while Hasna and I attended a Portuguese one. It was really interesting to see how school is like in Pico! 

Later in the morning, we visited the vineyards' museum in Pico’s main town where we are, Madalena. We first saw the exhibition and then we admired the landscapes from its garden. 

Just have a look on the view ! Isn’t it breathtaking ?
Then, we reached the center of the town, to see Santa Maria Madalena Church, which is important because it illustrates the catholic religion influence on the island. It was really impressive from the outside... 
... To the inside!
In the afternoon, we visite the Cave of Torres, which is very famous in Pico. This activity was also impressive because of the Cave’s height and the lava tunnels.
The guiding tour was very interesting: we learnt more about Pico’s geology and how the tunnels and their soils were formed during the effusive eruption. We even had a touch on a lava kind of stone! 
That was another great day on Pico Island!
By Inès Carissimi