Dimanche 15 avril
Heute fliegen wir nach Istanbul . 
Wir haben eine Pause gemacht (3 Uhr)
Danach fliegen wir nach Thessaloniki.
Das wetter ist nicht so schön, es ist kalt aber die Stimmung ist sehr freundlich.
Wir sind im Flughafen um 22:00 
Wir gehen mit unserer Gastfamilie
Adrien Lhabitant
Monday April16th
Today we went to school at 8.45 a.m. We first have presentations prepared by our Greek hosts, with sketchez imagined by the Greek students and then a little dance. Then the Germans have presented their region and school with 2 short videos. And then came our turn ! So we have presented our slides like all the other guest countries. 
After a short break, it was time to plant our lavender: we had been asked to bring a plant to symbolise the topic of the week, the refugees who are uprooted and need to find a new home. We have also painted some beautiful things on where they were planted. 
After the break we had made working groups to “answer” or to help answer some issues related to the refugees crisis. 
Then we have finally eaten what Greek parents had prepared. 
At 2 p.m. has started the visit of the city where we got to see the White tower, former jail of Thessaloniki and other beautiful monuments of this city! The Greek students were our guides, they have done a wonderful preparation work!
At 5.p.m it was time to go back home after this exhausting day! 
Eulalie Follin, Charlotte Pires
Wir haben unsere Vorstellung gemacht (über Hyères und Jean Aicard). Wir haben auch ein "Workshop " über Migranten  gemacht. Wir haben die Stadt besichtigt und viele Spezialitäten gegessen. Danach sind wir nach Hause gegangen.
Adrien Lhabitant
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