Tuesday, April 17th
On Tuesday, we had to meet at 8:20 at school to have lessons managed by the teachers of every host country. After 2 hours we went back to work on the project we will have to present on Friday. Then every country presented the issue of refugees to open on a debate. After we all went to eat: Adrien and I went to eat a specialty, gyros (kind of a kebab), Charlotte went to a meat restaurant while Eulalie was eating at her host's home. Everyone did different kind of activities in the afternoon. In the evening Adrien and I with the hosts went on a cruise. On the landing we meet back Eulalie and Charlotte and we spent all the evening all together (~ 40 peoples, Greeks and guests), before getting back home to sleep.
Arthur Formentin
Wednesday, April 18
Yesterday, Wednesday, we went to a technological museum called Noesis, to see two exhibitions: one about ancient cars and the other about tools from Ancient Greece. That was really interesting and we played with some technological innovations that there were in the museum, especially for this kind of use. After, we went to Mediterranean Cosmos mall to do shopping and to eat, with some other guests, because the visit made us hungry. After that, we went back to school and we played a situation game about the refugees to understand what they live during their journey: it was kind of horrible because it was really stressful, one girl even cried because of that. Thanks to that, we understood what they have to endure in hope for a better life. Then, we (Charlotte and Eulalie) rode bicycle with our hosts and Italian girls in front of the sea while Adrien rested then went to the castle during night and Arthur played football with other guys in the school. And finally, everyone slept, very well of course!
Eulalie and Charlotte 

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