We are now on Thursday. We had a big excursion 1h bus ride from the school. We visited a Museum which was presented by a Greek student. It's a special museum because it is an underground one, built upon the grave of Alexander the Great's father, Philip the Second. That's why it is considered as the cradle of the Macedonian empire. 
After the visit we went to a restaurant next to the beach where we stayed for 2h, playing volleyball or frisbee ( pied dans l'eau ). 
We took the bus to go back to school then everyone goes with his family. Eulalie, Charlotte and Adrien went to eat waffle while Arthur was resting before going out on evening with everyone, every country was represented.
Arthur Formentin 
Heute haben wir ein Museum (mit dem
Grab von Philippe dem Zweiten) besichtigt.
Es gab zwei Gruppen : 
Deutsch und Englisch.
Charlotte, Eulalie und Arthur waren in der englischen Gruppe und ich  in der deustchen Gruppe. 
Danach sind wir  ins Restaurant gefahren. Wir haben Salat und Fleisch gegessen.
Das Restaurant war am Strand.
Wir haben Fotos gemacht
Wir haben Andenken gekauft und Volley- ball gespielt.
Wir sind mit  dem Bus losgefahren.
Danach sind wir ins Café gegangen. 
Wir haben Waffeln mit den Italienern gegessen.
Danach sind wir in die Schule gegangen, um Spiele zu machen.
Adrien Lhabitant 
Today, Friday, we went to school at 8h00, we have started the day by working with our groups, to finish the project. Then we sat all together and we screened the videos that each countries had prepared, it was very nice to see all these videos and all the different ideas of each countries. After that we had a short break to eat 😄 then we had a workshop about “life skills”, we played roles by groups.
When the workshop was over we hosts, guests and teachers from each country danced 3 typical Greek dances, Syrtaki, macedonian syrtos-kalamatianos and tsamikos. It was a bit complicated but it was funny to see everyone dancing.
When the dancing was over, we had free afternoon.
Then we had to go back to school to do the presentation that we had prepared during the week and then we had a party with all the guests and the hosts. It was very nice and we had a lot of fun. Then it was time to say goodbye to everyone, it was very sad.
But we keep a lot of memories of this beautiful week and also all the beautiful persons we have met during this week.
Charlotte PIRES


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