Photography, using it to teach and learn.  

Geneviève Fournier (France) , Sabine Caruel (France),
Rui Balthazar (Portugal)

Groups involved : (in France)
Premières S, scientists - age range : 16-18 = 35 students
Terminales S, scientists - age range : 17-19 = 30 students

Countries involved :
Croatia,Former Yugoslavia, France,Slovenia, Turkey, ...

0./   Projet

-Students are required to take their cameras and go out and observe the world around them in order to look for connections between the learning contents addressed in different school subjects and the reality around them.

-subjects covered : -Mathematics, Biology, Geology, Chemistry, History, Foreign Lang., Mother Tongue, Arts, ICT, etc.

Students use PHOTOGRAPHY as a tool for observation and knowledge building according to the learning areas they focus on.

I./  Objectives

This project is designed to enrich teachers and students with pedagogical experiences so as to achieve greater motivation in the teaching and learning process.

-To improve students' academic results by fostering their observation, expression skills and creativity through photography;
-To foster the development of communication skills in foreign languages with a view to taking up opportunities to participate in authentic inter-cultural communication;

-To raise confidence and positive self-esteem by attending different learning styles and by valuing other forms of knowledge ;

-To increase language awareness and stimulate curiosity towards the languages and the cultures of the partner countries through pupils' interaction and participation in common activities.

II./ Preparation

The project development is based on the model of collaborative project work and constructivism and supported by ICT tools provided on the projects’ Twinspace.


- Organise the classes involved into cooperative eTwinning group;

February - March 2016

- Introduction of eTwinning groups to their eTwinning partners through exchange of introduction letters, group photos etc…

End of February 2016 :- Competition for the project logo.


Collaborative implementation of a set of innovative joint activities/ joint micro projects for different curricular areas/ contents that imply the use of ICT and photography :


Each school will try to work on at least 3 projects :

-A Photo is worth one thousand words,  
-Proverbs and Saying in Photos (Participants choose a proverb or saying in their mother tongue and they convey its meaning with a photo),

-Meet your school through photography ...
-Meet our town/area through photography ...
-Meet your culture through photography...

Each school will exchange/share at  three documents (films made by students, mp3 recordings prepared by the students, students' writen productions ...)

Teachers will also exchange ...ideas, documents...

Results expected


Dissemination of results and assessment ( MAY -JUNE)
Several activities may be developed in order to disseminate the results of the project :

- Creation of a wall calendar + -small exhibition
- Publishing of a booklet to present the project
-After each period, one could produce an assessment report written collaboratively by the teachers to evaluate the impact of the project
-Data could be collected, twice during each school year ( May,  July).

• Information on the project and its progress can be included in the school’s website ; - Parents can be invited to view the exhibition organised

Dans le cadre d'un travail sur le football féminin, les italianistes de la Seconde option EPS ont réalisé l'interview d'une joueuse de la Fiorentina. Ils sont fiers de vous présenter la vidéo qu'ils ont réalisée et vous souhaitent un agréable visionnage:




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                                          ¡ENHORABUENA !

                                                                               WIR GRATULIEREN !

Toutes nos félicitations à nos élèves de sections européennes qui ont brillamment décroché leur certification. Nous avons été heureux de leur remettre leur diplôme le 2 février 2016 lors d'une sympathique cérémonie au CDI.